Wednesday, March 10, 2010

67 Today!

I feel like my mood the last few weeks has been partly dictated by the weather. Ready for this long and seemingly neverending winter to be over (has it really only been 4 months?), I'm going to be evaluating the waking state of my garden and perhaps prune roses today, Abby in tow.

Over the last few days I've re-organized my studio (thanks honey!) and moved things around in order to provide a clearer workspace. My challenge has been to think outside the box so I can maximize the small space I have in my studio/Abby's playroom. Below are some pictures of the after (and how we share our space).

Abby playing peacefully (for the moment!)

ABBY IN THE STUDIO.egg  on Aviary

Below: My desk/Abby's play area...
STUDIO2.egg  on Aviary

Lastly, my creative space. Easel and painting stuff is stored in another closet in preparation for some fabric projects I'm working out details on.

studio3.egg  on Aviary

How do the other creative parents out there manage their studio work and playspace?


A Joyful Chaos said...

Creative spaces are so much fun, even if mine seems to have the tendency to overflow into the rest of the house.

Katie said...

They are, aren't they? I have to store in the hall closet and project supplies I'm not using stay in the basement. I have a feeling even if I had a huge studio I would still be cramped, though! :-)