Sunday, July 27, 2008

Updates after a long hiatus...

Hello All,

I have been an admitted hermit this year. All my usual shows are on hold til next year due to our news - Marco and I are expecting our first baby in January '09!

I've been painting, however, and my newest piece has just gone up on the website. Four Windmills was a very interesting painting to do, and thus far I've gotten some wonderful feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think.

I have other newer pieces but in an effort to not bombard everyone's email boxes I've held off on emailing. I have a new site up where I am selling my work online at this site called - it is absolutely fabulous and I am just in love with all the creativity. There are crafts in addition to artwork but they are definitely edgy, adorable and very stylish. For you artists on my list, check it out.

Time to Pop has been sold to a new collector in Mississippi. I loved this as I spent a good deal of my childhood in Mississippi. Feels like a part of me is going home.

Otherwise, I think that's all the interesting stuff. Touch base if you feel like it, and if not - have a great summer - definitely calls for some lemonade!