Friday, March 12, 2010

Progress and Tips for Blog

Howdy! I'm inserting a picture of where I am on this work in process. As you can see from my pencil marks, erasures, and more marks, I never start out perfectly. The horse in the forefront needs to move up and I believe I'll make the mare and foal in the back a little larger before I make a lot of headway into this one. You can see the ochre ground and some loosely laid highlight and lowlights in prussian blue and titanium white. It's taking shape, though, and I think I will really like this one.

My picture taking ability is gradually getting a little better. Phew for that. I am loving Aviary but Windows 7 has some extremely user-friendly tools that come standard. You may recognize the Picture Manager software right off the bat (is that an Office or an OS thing?) but the regular Windows picture viewer is also pretty cool.

Now I'm off to start dinner and chase down my daughter who is in hot pursuit of the Beagle at the moment...

I need to make some design changes to At The Studio and am looking for some tips or help from someone who knows html and perhaps some design skills. If doing it for good karma won't work, I'm willing to possibly barter to some extent. If you are this html guru and are thinking of opening a dialogue on this, email me @ I might also check out the blogger forums on this.

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