Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Saturday!

Let me tell you a story. Once there was a budding young artist who, enthralled with the idea of art quilts, starting piecing and learning more about the art of quilting. Then, one morning, the evil fat cat who occasionally slept on her bed decided that a Z quilt loom made for an excellent hammock, and that ruining the quilt in progress was merely collateral damage. Thus, young artist returns from school and, dismayed at the sight of evil fat cat on her quilt, decided that quilting was not for her.

Ten years and 0 quilts later I am going to give it one more shot. Evil fat cat has done to join cat heaven so I am in earnest hopes that my current fat cat, Maggie, does not decide to ruin another stretched quilt in fat cat's memory.

As a painter I love working with bright color and exploring different techniques. In fact, as I emailed to a friend recently, the only real constant about me sometimes seems to be change.

Fabric has much the same allure to me as bright bold color does in my artwork. While working on a painting idea recently it occured to me that many of my painting designs would apply well to an applique and/or piecing technique so today I am oiling my sewing machine and working on some ideas. I'm hoping to create my first design in some mod/retro fabric.

Other things on the studio to-do list today:

Learn Aviary, a great photo editing tool offered FREE online. I'm learning Photoshop and Illustrator in my other career working for a specialty food company so I'm very interested in seeing how the two compare for the moolah. Today will be sunny (yay for almost spring!) so I'm going to take advantage of the natural light.

Complete commission to pair with a sold work I recently completed, Three Horses.

Find some great fabric and research fabric dye. has a supplies section with some great sellers. I try to buy handmade/micro-business whenever possible. New Year's Resolution. Easiest one I've ever had. :-)

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