Thursday, March 11, 2010

Signs of Spring

This morning I couldn't help but notice the tulip bulbs in the front yard are making a more pronounced appearance out of their winter slumber. I wonder if they stretch and say aaah, that was a good nap...

Nice, hmmm? Watching the garden's progress really helps me to feel invigorated and inspired to create, so now onto the studio.

I applied a layer of yellow ochre yesterday. I like applying the first layer or two with an artist's sponge (or paper towel in a pinch). Using a glazing technique for this piece, I'm planning to gradually build up my layers over the next few weeks, the finished project looking very similar to the other one in the pair, Three Horses. Next I moved on to order my art supplies.

My favorite time saver to ordering paints is to export the paint list from Dick Blick's website and then to mark off the paints I already have. Once I do this I then evaluate which ones I will need for upcoming projects and make my order. I forgot to order the modeling paste I need for an upcoming project so I might have to stop at the local shop for that, but otherwise I did okay. I'm also meaning to check out Artist Supply Warehouse for their selection and pricing, a tip I recently got from another artist. The site isn't much to look at but many times the best ones aren't. Maybe I can cut down on my mounting canvas supply prices. I will let you know how it goes.

Tonight is the BCVAA meeting that we are holding at the local Barnes & Noble. If you live in the Northern Kentucky area meet me there! Starts @ 6:30.

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