Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Info - Art Showcase

Hi All,

Quick update about this weekend - found this link to more info about the art showcase this weekend at the main library in Burlington.

I won't be able to personally attend - I'm on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy - but I will be displaying Into the Light and Windmills. The community art organization I work with, BCVAA, is co-sponsoring and providing light refreshments. This is my favorite show of the year - please try to stop by if you can!

Also, coming up in the next year I will be concentrating on adding more community arts information and relevant info for other artists... we don't really have a good database of shows currently and I've noticed a lot of people get word of CTA's (calls to artists) only through conversation. I'd like to develop a database of shows and resources I run into that seem like good opportunities and information.

There will be a real push for a renaissance of sorts in Boone County next year - I call it a renaissance but actually I don't know that we have ever had an extremely active art community here. There is the distinct possibility of a community chalk art festival in May or so, to be held in Burlington. I don't have a lot of information on it yet but will update everyone when I do...

Hope everyone is doing well - Happy Holidays and I hope to be posting new work soon -


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