Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lots of Stuff


Yesterday I added a new widget to the blog that pulls up the most popular posts and sticks them to the front page. Seeing my old thoughts has spurred some reflecting on how I've changed through the years. It's beautiful to see snapshots from prior years and see my family grow, as well as my craft.


Today I'm moving my studio from the room I had started to move into back into the original room I worked from. It's smaller and a little cramped but it has natural morning light (altho it's cloudy today) which I thought I could live without. I can't. I set up my easel and stuck Abby's easel right next to it. I'm not finished moving in but you can see the start. I'm ready to go back to things being simple.


I talk a lot about my daughter. Growing up my parents encouraged my creativity. Dad was an engineer and Mom worked with horses - we had a very small horse farm in Virginia. I remember being trucked back and forth to art classes but I learned a lot by myself, sitting in my bed with a sketchpad. Abby is a wellspring of inspiration to me; she reminds me to zen out when I get stressed and that there is real purpose in being able to raise her in a creative environment. She reminds me that elephants don't have to look like elephants if you are drawing them for fun - stick figures can be just as creative as portraits in realism - and that there is something really fun about paintbrushes, even if there isn't any paint on them at the time.

Abby & I yesterday waiting for a fish to bite.


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