Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blip of An Update

The last few months have been hectic to say the least. I have moved my studio not once, but twice, deciding pretty quickly that the space in my basement would not do at all, no matter how many natural look lights I installed. I am now unpacking on the 2nd floor of my house (poor hubby), after repainting the room from it’s previous very yellow yellow (I like bright colors in real life, too) to a neutral off-white, so as to reflect the light coming in from the window.

One day I would love to have a studio to catch the morning light that has room for all my art supplies. For now I am instead putting energy into maximizing the space I have in this 10′ x 13′ room. I’ve put a metroshelving unit into the closet to hold supplies & blank canvas, I’ve carefully laid down rugs over the carpet to help me from ruining the carpet underneath, and have started packing away my unsold work (someone is going to get a deal). There isn’t room for much storage and it wouldn’t be good to have it too cramped, I get to feeling cramped myself.

I have two projects that have been ongoing for a while, an illustration project and the commission that my readers have been able to watch progress. I’m anxious to get back to work, and hopefully find time to update my online shop as well. Poor neglected online shop. My September grand event was derailed by my hissy fit over dull lighting.

Add into this a full-time job, a college class or two and being a mom and it equals one busy artist. I thought about setting my art aside for a while but I couldn’t do it… I think it’s the only thing keeping me centered. This momma needs her quiet time and creative outlet and besides, it is who I am.

Arabian ready to go on another journey...

In other news, about the time I realized I had actually forgotten to send a print of Arabian in Color to her new home (frazzled much?) another print sold to Colorado! By now I believe I have this print thing down. Saved the color settings, invested in some great archival quality sleeves and backing board (took a while to track these down) and started signing in the front bottom corner. The prints are a great hit and are fantastic for gifts. Received some wonderful feedback from the buyer as well. Made my week brighter!

At this point things are starting to return to normalcy a bit. I’m still unpacking and am taking advantage of this extended weekend to really dig into things. The website is a bit more streamlined and will continue to improve, and over all things are good. Feeling positive and actually managed to get some quick sketches done this weekend for some new ideas which spurred yet another idea… but more on that later.


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