Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting in the Morning

Recently I've been butting my head against the wall from frustration. Not from my work, but because any working mom with a one year old knows that finding time to work at home and entertain a little one can be a little hairy at times. Add in wet paint and you start to get the idea.

Abby's new game is aptly called touch the wet canvas! Luckily she has only been successful once, and that was while I was working on an underpainting, but artistically I can be a bit neurotic anyway, and with trying to dodge little hands it was just getting to be too much!

This morning I woke up quite a bit earlier than usual and rather than going back to bed, I shuffeled downstairs and started working on one of my wip's. The morning light started to come in a little while later, I'm energized and fresh, and Abby's asleep. Why haven't I started this before? My paint is safe from precious but mischievious hands, at last.

Below are several of my wips. Forgive the glare (taken before the light started coming in).

Lipizzaner WIP 6/16/10

Mother and Son WIP 6/16/10

Spanish Rider 6/16/10

Streetview WIP 6/16/10

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