Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Coffee Musings

Above - another wip photo of street view!
Etsy - I want a commenting feature on etsy listings so we can tell people how cool their stuff is, and maybe get dialogue going like in the treasuries. To see this thread and add your input, click HERE!
Now on to business. Studio has been hopping! I'm waiting on my mucho huge-o canvas to get here so I can start on the Lipizzaner commission. Until then I'm working on a portrait and two cityscapes.
Last night we hung out in the backyard and I was able to snap some great pics of my daughter. I'm going through them to see if one might become a painting. Sketching all afternoon, I placed my sketchbook on a patio chair only to have it covered in sidewalk chalk (thank you Abby!). Got to love the creative side exhibiting itself. Go Abby! Next time on the patio pls!

Off to have more coffee, this time with an artist friend. Back in the studio this aft!

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