Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Painting and Other Things

 Above is the small illustration-style acrylic painting I worked on last night. I have always had an interest in illustration and particularly, the Beatrix Potter illustrations. A few years ago I completed a few sketches of small chipmunks and squirrels and while I was looking back to reference some pieces for the Lipizzaner piece I came across them again and decided to turn them into small paintings. The above piece measures 4" x 4" and is available for sale in the etsy shop.

This picture was too cute to pass up. Abby likes to hang out in the studio so I got her some crayons to try on for size. She took off! Also marked was my floor, the wall and a few other things but hey, creativity knows no bounds. :-)

Lastly, check out a treasury I recently pulled together on etsy. It features a few favorite painters as well as a couple things I just loved too much to leave out.

Til next time!

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