Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storing Artwork

With proliferation comes storage issues, at least in my studio. I work out of a small 10' x 10' room in my home since my daughter was born, and the sole closet is precious space that I plan to utilize to store the work I bring home between shows.

Now that I've been exhibiting for a good period of time, I've started to develop a plan to store my work. Again the unique size of canvas comes into play. Horizontally stored work is definitely not ideal, and leaning work against each other is never a good idea, resulting in overstretched canvas, possibly damaged paint, and scuffed frames. What sort of solution do I have within a limited budget? Although I could purchase specially designed and manufactured storage solutions, the money required to put down on those would be a serious dent to anyone's artist fund.

Why not build our own?

I may be over-generalizing, but I think America is on the cusp of being in a major do-it-yourself phase. With the recessing ebbing many of us have become more appreciative of the resources we have, and debt has taken on a stigma that makes living within one's means a much more palatable alternative.

With this in mind, why would we spend up to a thousand dollars or beyond on furniture that can be easily made ourselves? This art rack will sit in my closet, so my design will essentially be an upright rack made with a good quality wood approximately 1" x 4" or similar. Slots between will allow space for the work without touching it and lined at the top and bottom to provide a secure fit, or at least that is the design currently in my mind. I have yet to draw out a blueprint but the idea is to set this contraption upon wheels so that in the event of a show it can be easily taken out and wheeled to the gallery. When home, I can wrap my pieces in dust cover and know that they are being stored in the most careful way possible without sacrificing precious storage space.

What do you think? How do you store your work?

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