Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prints in the Shop!

Vibe of the City, 2009

Prints are in the shop! Right now I've posted Vibe of the City and Funky Giraffe, with Arabian coming soon, possibly later today. Stay posted and if you see one you like, buy it to support this artist!


Jessica McKelvin said...

I love your work, especially the color and the brush strokes.
I know you haven't had your shop up very long but I wanted to know what you thought of Imagekind so far. I've tried Zazzle before, but I think they are more posters than prints. Of course I haven't signed in there in awhile.

Katie said...

Hi Jessica!

I like imagekind. I'm also looking into fine art america. I'm the same on zazzle. I have a logon and maybe one or two items but I haven't taken the time yet to get things set up properly. That may change soon. I hear from other artists that it is a great site and a friend of mine has a few of my pieces on there already.