Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Commission - Lipizzaners

Yesterday I officially got a completely wonderful commission to start on very quickly. It will be a 3 foot by 4.5 foot painting of Lipizzaner stallions in their airs above the ground. Completely, completely energized and invigorated by this one. The client is great, the idea is great and I am heading to the gallery today to get the handstretched canvas I'll be using to do this one. I'll be posting pictures of the work in progress here on the blog at various stages.

If you live in Cincinnati you may have heard of Essex Studios. I'll be speaking to them next week and visiting their open house May 7th to look into renting some space myself. There are some larger projects I would like to start and the small home studio I currently work out of is starting to run out of space. I have been waiting to get involved in oils until I have separate work space to be able to set up.

More info soon - for now I need to get painting!!!

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