Sunday, November 29, 2009

Literature & Art

I was at the local college recently inquiring about an English degree and the assistant chair of the department mentioned a class in the coursework that involves the link between literature and art. This intrigued me, as when I read a great work the imagery can be very vivid. Even more so, it can be inspiring as well.

Let's take one recently made well known again in popular culture - Beowulf - but let's put the movie aside. Reading the vivid descriptions of this monster my mind goes wild. Emerald greens, deep crimson reds and burnt umber mixed with iridescent golden hues. Facing a stagnant pool of inspiration maybe all we need to do is pick up a good book. Reading a great piece of writing does not have to stop at high school.

What good piece of writing have you read that inspired some fantastical artwork?

On another note, I did want to mention an artist I found on Ironside Impastos (Jan Ironside) has some great work using an impasto technique and lots of color, which I love. Check her out:

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