Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Saturday Morning Musing

I love art of all media. Even more than painting myself, I enjoy looking at the work of other artists and am continually enthralled by the talents of others. I am annoyed when I hear an artist claim that there is a substantial difference between craft and art (this no-go ranks in with politics and religion to me). What is fine art other than the craft of applying paint and creativity? And if you made this distinction then what is mixed media?

We can all learn something from one another. I do not count myself among the professionals but I have been blessed to sell a few. I fear that once someone thinks of their work as professional they may be less inclined to grow, and right now that is what I strive for most. I am afraid to be stuck in one tradition or style. I think to excel in your own particular painting you need to study all work.

I'm fascinated by art quilting. I think the artists who create these fabulous works of art must have a finely honed sense of color theory. Unlike a painter, who can create their own hues with some dabs of paint, a quilter is left with an already created stash of fabric from which they must assemble a creative work of art. Work ranges from the traditional patterned quilts with various shading and color transitions to full out artistic objects in fabric. Ai Kijima has some fascinating quilt art made from fusion techniques.
Anyway, time for my second cup of coffee. Good morning all!

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