Sunday, April 12, 2009

No One's Home

Another watercolor. I'm using this as a study for an acrylic painting I'm going to make from it. I like this one but I used Sepia toned ink instead of my regular black, and it just doesn't have the effect I look for. I think it will make for a striking acrylic, however.

I'm off to sketch out my underpainting. By the way, I hope everyone is ready for the Rabbit Hash Show. I keep talking about it because this will be my first show of the new year and for a long time - I took a sabbatical while I was pregnant with my daughter (you can read about her in the Abby blog).



Anonymous said...

I seen this one in person and it is awesome, of course!! Maybe you should become a dual artist?! Hummmm???

Katie said...


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

YOu have a unique style! I luv that tree too, that I saw on Etsy!Go vast team!

Katie said...

Thank you! I just varnished the tree today! It's hanging in my office -