Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Walls Are Bare

So I stripped the walls of my house so I would have some work to display at Rabbit Hash. Now my walls look bare! We are working on painting our kitchen and doing some other maintenance and after all the walls have nothing on them, our old curtains are still waiting on replacements (I have a very hard time decorating - surprised?), our kitchen cabinet doors are off... wow... my house is in desperate need of TLC! I would have had pictures to show but I forgot my camera! AGH!

The show was fun. In the true spirit of Rabbit Hash, there was the occasional four-legged visitor as well. The refreshments were great and I met some dutchies as well! I wish my dutch was still up to snuff because it made me very homesick for our home overseas - I miss Holland the most at those times.

Abby is doing great - she was the belle of the moment when we went to hang our work Monday. Everyone loved her and she didn't even blink at the hammers when they were hanging the work up. I told them it's because she has Sadie, the beagle, also known as the I'm gonna strike you deaf telling you how much I love you when you get home dog.

In other news I'm working on a painting of poppies for a dear friend - TAS director Teressa Barnhill. I'm going to be represented by Transition Art Studio here soon which will give me more time to paint and more direction in my marketing. We had a meeting last week and I feel like I can move forward with a lot more focus and inspiration. They are currently accepting applications for new artists and I am excited to be accepted.

Ok, back to poppies...

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