Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kiki's Pursuits

Collectively called Kiki's Pursuits, I named the picture with Kiki (my cat) "Kiki Plots Her Escape" and the one with the bird "Kiki's Motivation". Kiki likes to look out my bay window and plot her schemes to steal the birds from our pear tree, and one day it seemed that she and the bird were having a face off which I had to paint. Driptych.Each piece is 12" x 12" and has a deep gallery wrap (1.5"). They are both signed on the back and the picture continues around the sides.

I took this picture before hanging because while I have them I am hanging them... somewhere. Until I hang them I don't want to put holes in the wall, so you get a lovely view of my floor. Congratulations ;-).


Amanda Dagg said...

Hi Katie, Is the wall textured? It looks really effective.

Katie said...

I did use a thick application of paint for the wall but no texture medium to speak of. I have some sand and buttons here, I'm thinking of doing a mixed media soon. Thank you!