Saturday, January 31, 2009 & Wintering in the South

I am posting from my snug little spot in Florence, Alabama. While my artistic colleagues, spouse and other Cincinnatians are hibernating in 4 (yes, 4!) degree weather, snow and ice covered grounds, and electrocuting each other with each touch, I am visiting my parents in a comparatively balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

I'm trying out an Etsy showcase today. My public shop is visible here. It's a neat little website and I get emails from people who like my work pretty frequently. As far as web traffic goes, I've gotten more feedback from this site than any others I have posted my work to in the past.

I'm reading a book on Churchill & his contemporaries. Churchill enjoyed painting as well - more on that another time.



Anonymous said...

Good luck pioneering on Etsy!
I have seen it and wondered if it would be worth setting up. Keep us posted.
Lucky you to be warm- er. Lots of people here still without electricity. Crazy.
Tell the fam hello and my lil Panera drinking buddy - "sup".
: )

Katie said...

I love Etsy - I can see myself getting hooked on all the handmade items. I figured out what I was doing incorrectly on my photos so I'm going to revamp my little "shop." I made a good sale there last year, probably would have made more but I don't update enough (until recently). I highly recommend it ~

I heard you all got 6 inches yesterday ~ I am happy to be in "Sweet Home Alabama"!