Sunday, October 19, 2008

Secret Artworks 2008

Hello All!

First off, Happy Fall! This post will be a short one but chock full of news from the last few weeks. Hope everyone is enjoying their preparations for Halloween - I'm not sure if we will be able to hold onto the candy long enough to be able to give it to the neighborhood kids but heck, we will try!

I've registered as a participating artist for Secret Artworks 2008. The piece is finished and en route to Artworks Cincinnati but as it is secret you won't be able to see it until after the reception in November. You have to buy a ticket! For more information about this great fundraiser please see here.

Neva Martin with the Community Press recently did an interview on my work and foundations. While the paper version does not come out until this week, there is a link to the story on here. Hope you like it -

The Boone County Visual Arts Association recently held their yearly elections. I was appointed Webmaster and am hoping to continue the great work of our awesome previous Webmaster, Teressa Barnhill, Director of Transition Studio. Congratulations and thank you to Mary Jo, a great friend and artist who has taken the role of President, and Linda Lee Whaley, ditto, who has taken the role of Vice President. Chris Allen has continued his time on the board and his work for the group through filling the desperately needed roles of both Treasurer and Events Coordinator. Ira Sena has continued his role as Secretary, and there are some new committee chairs as well! For all the details, see

Hope everything is going well and continue to stay in touch - thank you to all who have kindly signed my guestbook - if you haven't, then make sure you do!


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