Sunday, September 21, 2008

September News - After the Storm!

Hello Again,

I am surprised I have time to work on this entry as September has been positively bustling so far. You may have noticed some changes to the website, and some more will be coming soon. The gallery has been updated slowly but surely and a guestbook has been added. (Please sign it!)

We have been really lucky in that our home (and hence the studio) was not damaged in the recent extraordinary weather. I was in Alabama so I missed the excitement, but we did temporarily become host to a neighbor's full size trampoline! For those friends and readers in the Cincinnati area, I hope you have power now and that cleanup is moving along - what an act of nature!

There are currently a few works in progress. One weekend this month Alja and I went to Findlay Market in Cincinnati, which I am ashamed to say I have not visited before. So much color! Needless to say I took some reference photos and will be doing a piece or two from them in the near future. We also went to the Cincinnati Art Museum where it seemed we caught them in between exhibits. We did see Crewdson's Beneath the Roses exhibit, which was ethereal. The photography was indeed much like the frame by frame of some exotic thriller. I believe the exhibit continues through mid-October.

In addition, we saw a few pieces by my favorite artists Van Gogh and Monet, as well as met some new favorites.

I think this is it for now. The studio is bustling along and I will be posting again in the next few weeks. Until then, too-da-loo!


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